LOG BLOG 2014-2022

04/15/22 Added new species Flying Gurnard 
04/15/22 Added new species Elegant Anemone
05/23/21 Added new species Slender Sea Cucumber
05/23/21 Added new species Banded Clinging Crab
05/23/21 Updated ID for Prawn species Prawn
03/07/21 Added new species Sponge Peppermint Shrinp
05/02/20 Added new species Secretary Blenny
04/21/20 Added more species to plants and algae page,
04/17/20 updated info on Barnacles page.
09/16/19 Added new Species Twin Horn Blenny
09/16/19 Added new Species Yellowhead Jawfish
09/16/19 Added new Species Banded Jawfish
09/16/19 Added new Species Goldspotted Eel
11/23/19 Added new Species Brown Garden Eel
09/16/19 Added new Species Tobaccofish
08/30/19 Added new Species Tiny Red Crab
07/12/19 Added new species Unicorn Filefish
05/07/17 Added new species Swollen-Claw Mantis Shrimp
05/07/17 Added new photos Apple Murex Snail
05/07/17 Added new species Sally Lightfoot Crab
05/07/17 Added new page for Cake-like sponges
05/07/17 Added new species Bonefish
04/28/17 Added new photos: Sailors Choice, Blue Runner, Black Margate
04/28/17 Added New species: Brown Glass shrimp
04/26/17 Added new photos: Spotted Trunkfish, Varigated Feather Duster Worm, Spotted Cleaner Shrimp.
04/26/17 Added New species:  Orange Lumpy Encrusting Sponge
04/26/17  Added new Species Red Heart Urchin
04/15/17 Added new species Haliclona manglaris sponge 
04/12/17 Added new species Longspine Starsnail
03/11/17 Loaded All new villa photography samples
03/11/17 updated photo number on the About Me page.
03/08/17 Updated photo count on Home Page
03/08/17 added new photo Belted Cardinalfish
03/08/17 added photos Purplemouth Moray Eel
11/25/16 Aded information on the Yellow Knit Sponge
11/23/16 Added 3 more unknown species of sponges
11/23/16 Identified new sponge Black Pinnacle as Clathria (Thalysias) virgultosa
11/16/16 Added new picture of Green Razorfish
11/16/16 Added new species Rosy Razorfish male and female
11/09/16 Made changes/corrections to the brittle star pages
11/08/16 Added new alga species red-orange alga, green branched alga, creeping bubble alga, green net alga, mat red crust alga,
11/08/16 Correctly identified Sea Lettuce Alga on the marine plants and alge page.
08/26/16 Added new pic of Tri-colored Hermit Crab
08/26/16 Added new picrure Orange Claw Hermit Crab
08/26/16 Added better pic of Red Colonial Tube Worm
08/26/16 Added better pics of the Christmas Tree hydroid
10/30/15 Added better pics Greater Soapfish
10/30/15 Added better pics of the Yellowtail Hamlet
10/30/15 added new species Longsnout seahorse on the Odd fish page
10/30/15 Added new species Keeltail Needlefish
10/14/15 Added new species  Balloonfish
10/14/15 Created new page Things That Sting and other dangerous marine life
10/03/15 Added new photos Red-Ridged Clinging Crab
10/03/15 Added new photos Lane Snapper
10/01/15 Added new species Comb Jelly - Sea Gooseberry
09/24/15 Added new species Shortfin Pipefish
07/31/15 Added new photos Mutton Hamlet and Greater Soapfish
07/20/15 Added New Species  White Margate, member of the Grunt Family
07/18/15 Added New Species Unknown  Anemone 1 and an additional new anemone on the cnidarians page
07/18/15 Added new species Pale Anemone
07/18/15 Added new species Hidden Anemone
06/18/15 Added new Crab Species  Oscillated Swimming Crab
06/18/15 Added new species of  Polychaete Worms
06/15/15 Added new pages for Brittle Stars. Blunt Spined, Short Spined, Long Spined  Including a new species of short spined, ruby red star.
06/10/16 Added new species King Crab
06/08/15 Added new info and pictures to Amber Penshell, Hydrocorals, Atlantic Triton's Trumpet and Ballyhoo
06/06/15 Added new species Tube Dwelling Anemone
06/05/15 Added new pictures Common Comet Star
06/05/15 Added new pictures Caribbean Reef Octopus
06/05/15 Added new species  Beaded Sea Cucumber
06/05/15 Added new species Red Night Shrimp
05/24/15 Added new species Caribbean Reef Octopus
05/24/15 Added New Species Box Fire Coral 
05/22/15 Added new pictures of a Red Snapping Shrimp
05/22/15 Added new species Flame Box Crab
05/19/15 Added New Species Sand Tilefish on the Odd Fish page
02/06/15 Added new Species Creole Wrasse
02/06/15 Added new Sea cucumber, unknown species
02/05/15 Added new pictures of some Giant Basket Stars
12/09/14 Added new pictures of Green Sea Turtles
12/08/14 added new pictures to the Spotted Scorpionfish page
Have been adding to my Facebook page regularly
9/7/14 Added additional pictures of the Pederson Cleaning Shrimp
9/7/14 Added FOUR new species of Decorator Crabs
9/6/14 added new pictures of juvenile and intermediate Porkfish
8/28/14 Totally revamped the Coney page with updated pictures and newly discovered display colorations.
8/27/14 Added new Species of Unknown Clingfish
7/16/14 Identified and posted a page for Spiny Seaweed.
7/14/14 Fish identifiers had discovered that some fish previously identified as Secretary Blennies are in fact Spiney-head blennies and what used to be termed the Darkhead Blenny is now included in the smooth-head group. I've made those changes.
7/09/14 Added new Species Rooster tail Conch on the Mollusk Page
7/05/14 Added a new addition to the Cool Stuff page. How the Southern Stingray uses his spiracles.
7/05/14 Added new Species Common Comet Star on the echinoderms gallery page.
7/01/15 added comparative pictures of the Princess and Striped Parrotfish on both species pages.
6/14/14 Added pictures of a juvenile Rock Beauty Angelfish
6/9/14 Added two new species. Magnificent Urchin and Commensal Urchin Shrimp
6/6/14 Added new Species Red-Ridged Clinging Crab also known as the Yellow Coral Crab
5/25/14 Added new species Whitespotted Filefish
5/15/14 Added New Species Florida False Coral
5/10/14 Added new pictures to Rock Hind
5/10/14 Added new pictures of Milk Conch- Baby
5/9/14 Added new SPECIES  Dash Goby.
4/11/14 Added new pictures to Yellowhead Wrasse, Schoolmaster Snapper, Blackear Wrasse, Butter Hamlet, Rock Beauty Angelfish
4/9/14 Added new Species Netted Barrel Sponge
3/29/14 Added New species Mutton Hamlet
3/28/14 Added new species Almaco Jack
2/18/14  Created a separate Category Page for the Fire (Hydrocorals) (not true corals).
2/10/14 Added NEW SPECIES American Warty Anemone
2/9/14 Added new species Tricolored Hermit Crab. (Also known as Blue Legged Hermit Crab or 3 Colored Hermit Crab)
            Identified the Marble Chiton and the Purple Slender Chiton (Chiton Page)
            Corrected identification of the Apple Murex Snail (Previously identified as West Indian Murex)
2/8/14  Added juvenile Four-eye Butterflyfish picture.
             Added new pictures to Lavender Rope Sponge and added to the List of all Species.
            Added new pictures to the Heavenly Sponge page.
            Added new pic to Lumpy Overgrowing sponge
01/24  Added new pictures of Stinging Anemone - True Tentacles revealed.
01/05 Added information regarding the mating of the Southern Stingray
          Added new species Blenny, believed to be of the Sailfin family.
          Added nice picture of a Puffcheek Blenny
           Added new pics of Spotted Moray Eels
01/03/2014 Added new photo of Striped Parrotfish
           Added new photos of Stoplight Parrotfish
            Added NEW SPECIES page Flagfin Mojarra
            Added new picture of Spotted Goatfish and Added to Redfish page
01/02/2014- I was perusing tonight and found a couple very informative things on Lionfish.
Which is a scientific expose on the lionfish invasion in Bermuda called "Appetite for Extinction".  I was astonished at some of the information, such as: lionfish are known to inhabit at depths of 1,000 feet.
They also showed an experiment. Two groupers in a tank. A Pinfish was introduced and both groupers instantly went after and devoured the Pinfish. When a tiny lionfish was introduced, the groupers were at first interested, then the baby lionfish, about 1/10 the size of the groupers, just swam right at the groupers and made them back off. Similar to what I saw with my grouper/lionfish encounter

The other is a very good article about lionfish hunting, gear, techniques: by the World Lionfish Hunters Association
01/01/2014 Added new pictures to Lemon Shark Page
                      Added new pictures of Coney, different color phase
                      Added new pictures in my photography portfolio- City, sunsets and coasts.

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