Various studies have shown that seaweeds have developed a variety of strategies to minimize the damages inflicted by herbivores like sea urchins and other grazers. These methods includ chemical and structural/morphologic defenses, or occurrence in association with other unpalatable organisms. 

Bristle Ball Brush- Green Algae

Bristle Ball Brush

Blistered Saucer Leaf - Brown Algae

Blistered Saucer Leaf

Feather Alga - Green Algae

Feather Alga

Mermaid's  Fan - Green Algae

Mermaid's Fan

(14 photos)
Saucer Leaf- Brown Alga

Saucer Leaf

Sea Pearl - Green Algae

Sea Pearl

(13 photos)
Green Grape Alga - Green Algae

Green Grape Alga

( photos)
Large Leaf Watercress Alga - Green Algae

Large Leaf Watercress

White Scroll Alga - Brown Algae

White Scroll Alga

Tubulat Thicket Algae - Red Algae

Tubular Thicket Algae

Y Branched Algae - Brown Algae

Y Branched Algae

Pink Segmented Alga - Red Algae

Pink Segmented 

Three Finger Leaf - Green Algae

Three Finger Leaf

( photos)
Green Jointed-Stalk Alga

Jointed-Stalk Alga

Flat-Top Bristle Brush - Green Algae

Flat-Top Bristle Brush

Crustose Coraline Algae

Pink Crustose Coralline Alga

(9 photos)
Manatee Grass

Manatee Grass

Bubble Weed - Green Algae

Bubble Weed

Sargassum Algae

Sargassum Algae

Watercress - Green Algae


Reef Cement

Reef Cement

Green Chaetomorpha Alga

Green Chaetomorpha Alga

Other Coralline Algae

(7 photos)
Fuzz-Ball Algae - Lyngbya majuscula

Fuzz-Ball Algae-Blue

Fuzzy Tip Alga

Fuzzy Tip Alga

Mermaid's Teacup

Mermaid's Teacup



Turtle Grass

Turtle Grass

Elongated Sea Pearls

Elongated Sea Pearls

(12 photos)
Lavender Crust Algae

Lavender Crust Algae

Hanging Vine-Green Algae

Hanging Vine

Sea Lettuce Alga

Encrusting Fan Leaf Alga

Encrusting Fan Leaf Alga

Green Mermaid's Wine Glass


Burgundy Crust Alge - Peyssonnelia sp.

Burgundy Crust Alga

(4 photos)
Dead Man's Fingers  - Codium isthmocladum

Dead man's Fingers

(3 photos)
Bryopsis Plumosa Green Algae

Bryopsis Plumosa Hen Pen

Mermaid's Wine Glass Algae  Acetabularia calyculus

Mermaid's Wine Glass Alga

Valonia utricularis

Creeping Bubble Alga

Spiny Seaweed - Acanthophora spicifera

Spiny Seaweed

(5 photos)
Caulerpa cupressoides

Green Cactus Alga

Bacteria, lichens, fungi

(25 photos)
Mid-Rib Sea Grass - Halophila stipulacea INVASIVE

Mid-Rib Sea Grass

(0 Photos)


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