Cool and Amazing Things,  Video

Grains of Sand

So small are the grains of sand that make up our beaches that no one takes much notice. We sit at the beach completely unaware of the beautiful gems beneath our feet. But see them under a microscope.....

The carnivorous Bearded Fireworm

The Bearded Fireworm has a mouth that allows him to consume much larger prey than you'd expect....

St. John Marine Life VIDEO Library on YouTube

A variety of Videos featuring Spotted Eagle Ray, Puffers, snails fish and other cool things. More will be added on a continual basis. Please visit again

Regeneration of an Elkhorn Coral Colony

A mature Elkhorn Coral structure was severely damaged during Hurricane Earl in August of 2010. See the evolution of a new growth pattern and the speed at which the regeneration takes place.

Southern Stingray Spiracles

 Learn about these openings behind the eyes of the Southern Stingray

Hidden Places

Ever wondered what was inside the dark holes and under the overhangs of reef structures or between the boulders of rocky shorelines?  Marine organisms cover surfaces of walls and ceilings. Small fish take refuge, urchins feed and night-foraging creatures rest.

How a Sea Anemone Feeds

A Red Warty Sea Anemone's tentacle delivers food to the its mouth.

Master of Camouflage

 They can change the color AND texture of their skin  instantly in order to blend in with their surroundings. They will also try to camouflage themselves by mimicking other shapes.

Tattle -Tails

Most fish species can be identified simply by their unique tail structure and color. See how many of these twenty-seven fish you can identify with only a picture of their tail as a clue to their identity.

Grouper meets Lionfish

Surprising behavior when a young grouper and small lionfish meet.

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