Identification resource for Caribbean Blennies. Blennies are small fish that vary in size from less than an inch to almost nine inches. The Hairy Blenny is the Caribbean's largest blenny. Blennies can be bottom dwellers, live in tubes or hide in, under or around almost anything.

Spinyhead Blenny

(28 photos)
Darkhead Blenny - Emblemariopsis sp.

Darkhead (Smooth head) Blenny

(0 photos)

Goldline Blenny

(11 photos)

Dusky Blenny

(17 photos)

Hairy Blenny


Pearl Blenny

(13 photos)

Red-lipped Blenny

(17 photos)

Spotcheek Blenny

2 photos)

Saddled Blenny

(20 photos)

Rosy Blenny (Male)

(See next)

Rosy Blenny (Female)

(18 photos)

Seaweed Blenny

(13 photos)

Molly Miller

(5 photos)
Palehead Blenny

Palehead Blenny

(0 photos)

Orangespotted Blenny

(6 photos)

Barfin Blenny 

(10 photos)

Mimic Blenny

(17 photos)


(9 photos)

Puffcheek Blenny

(5 photos)

Sailfin Blenny?

(0 photos)

Unknown Blenny


Secretary Blenny

(7 photos)

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