Hypoplectrus sp.

Hamlets are ray finned sea bass  found mainly in coral reefs in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Solitary hunters feeding on smaller fish and invertibrates. The different species of hamlet are so genetically similar that research is being done. https://insider.si.edu/2017/03/qa-oscar-puebla-understanding-speciation-coral-reef-hamlets/

Most often hamlets can be found below ten feet deep, but occasionally a bit shallower. Recognizable by their large ventral fins and their humped back. Their average length is 4 inches. Juveniles have 2 white spots in a black band just in front of their tail fin.

Barred Hamlet - Hypoplectrus puella
This Hamlet looks strange with pale markings. I've only seen one colored like this. Maybe a hybrid?
Barred Hamlet - Hypoplectrus puella
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