Gobies are small fish that perch on the bottom or near their hiding places in ricks and crevices, or near a cleaning station where they wait for a larger fish to coome and have parasites removed from their mouths, gills and bodies. .

Nine Line Goby

(5 photos)

Cleaning Goby

(10 photos)

Greenbanded Goby

(6 photos)

Goldspot Goby

(9 photos)

Dash Goby

(3 photos)

Colon/Bridled Goby

(12 photos)

Frillfin Goby

(7 photos)
Rusty Goby

Rusty Goby

(0 photos)

Masked/Glass Goby

(6 photos)

Orangespotted Goby

(5 photos)



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